Color Cards, Non-Folded, All-In-One Paint and Finish All Paint

All In One Paint




Product Description

NON FOLDED, we have a cheaper option for $1.00 but it may come tri-folded.  



2 Pack of Color Cards.  Includes 1 of each:


  • Pantone printed color card containing all 24 All In One Chalk Style Paint Colors, including the 12 Heritage collection. 

2 sided colorcard

Approx Size:  Letter


  • Pantone printed color card containing all 14 Finish All Paint Colors.  


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Colors are printed and are digital representations of the colors.  Although they are fairly accurate, printed colors will not show undertones the way actual paint does in various lighting.  The color card will give you a good idea of the color but if you need a specific color, we suggest ordering an 8oz sample to test the color in your actual lighting.  


  • Weight: 0.05 oz

4 reviews

Color cards

Posted by Charlotte on September 5, 2019

These are great! Good size and easy to use!


Posted by Meredith on July 17, 2019

While the color cards are helpful for generalized color, you really need to order a sample to see the true to life color. Some colors on the color cards are dead on, and others look quite different in real life. The cards were helpful as they are closer to true to life colors than my computer and phone display. They are nice to have handy for a quick view of color options.

Very Nice

Posted by William Fann on April 15, 2019

Very nice color color card. Glad to see an idea of what the color actually looks like. Great purchase!

Love it.

Posted by William Fann on April 15, 2019

Like being able to see the colors.