Gel Wood Stain, Full Coverage Walnut

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Gel Stain Color

Product Description

Our newest product is here!  A full coverage, highly pigmented, wood stain in a gel formula.  We’re excited to bring this option to our customers so they can combine stained tops with painted furniture to create a super chic look or restore antiques to their original glory.  


Our full coverage gel stain will allow you to create a natural wood stain appearance.  Use over raw wood or previously finished surfaces.  Apply with our True Applicator for even, quick coverage.  



WALNUT (rich, warm brown)

CARBON (black)


Clean up:  Mineral Spirits

This product is a highly pigmented stain so please protect your clothing, hands & surroundings from the stain.  


Available in 16oz size.  1 can will do an average size coffee table & 2 end tables or multiple table tops.  


  • Weight: 24 oz

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