Satin Topcoat, 16oz Pint

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Product Description

Our best selling clear, water based top coat gives your painted finish long lasting durability & scrubability.  Our topcoat is designed to work with both of our paint lines, Finish All Paint and All-In-One Paint, as well as our antiquing gels.  It is not needed for durability as all of our products already have a highly durable topcoat built in.  However, when additional shine is desired, Satin Topcoat is a great option. 


Low VOC’s, safe to use indoors & safe to use on baby furniture.  

16oz size will cover approx 140 sq ft.  


Check out our tutorial on how to apply a streak free top coat with our True Applicator.  


Please note:  We only have one sheen available.  







  • Weight: 32 oz

11 reviews


Posted by Sylvia on October 1, 2019

I love AIO paint. For me it’s so nice to have the look of furniture, etc that has a waxed look finish. A product that has primer, leveling agent., wax finish that’s super exceeds having to use chalk paint an go through the steps to get the finish that this one step paint offers.

Looking forward to possibilities of new paint colors. Congratulations to Heritage paint company on a super product.

Top Coat Review

Posted by Denise Widdows on September 5, 2019

Loved it

Top Coat Review

Posted by Denise Widdows on September 5, 2019

Loved it

Top coat

Posted by Diane Crane on July 8, 2019

Very easy to use. Just spread evenly with a brush and smooth out with applicator sponge. One pint covered all my counter tops with 2 coats. I just ordered an extra pint to have on hand for spur of the moment projects.

Satin finish top coat

Posted by Kat Mueller on June 11, 2019

Was alarmed at first by the watery consistency, but found that a little goes a long way! Excellent product.


Posted by Cindy Edwards on June 4, 2019

So love this paint and all they offer

All in paint

Posted by Diane Bratton on May 21, 2019

Wonderful product! Love using this paint my projects turns out great!!

I love this

Posted by Jessica Heberle on October 20, 2018

Works awesome!!

watch the tutorial!

Posted by Claudia on May 9, 2017

I was terrified of doing this last step for my dresser turned vanity; afraid I might mess it up.
I watched Paula’s tutorial on how to apply it with the brush and the damp sponge and followed her easy and simple procedure.
Easy to do and the finished product looks exactly how I wanted it to.

Water Based Top Coat used for Distressed Effects

Posted by Sherry on February 3, 2017

Worked perfectly for my my project. I used it to seal the layer I intended to have show through after distressing. It allowed a clear protective coating over the first layer so that I could remove more of the second layer while not touching that first layer. Giving me a beautiful result! I used it in place of wax or Vaseline. I then used it to protect and seal my finished project. Easy to use, easy to clean up. Great product!

Top Coat

Posted by Lynn on September 3, 2016

I used this over chalk painted chair arms and legs. I knew the arms, especially, would need extra protection and I think this will fit the bill. It went on pretty well as soon as I realized I needed to slow down and softly paint it on. Tended to bubble at first, but as I used it and grew accustomed to it, not so much. Sanded between coats (did two coats) and is now very soft and smooth. Will definitely use again.